Topping Off Photos of West Broadway Commons

   by Yanna Courtney

The Building is as tall as it will get!

On Friday, June 5, 2020, guests and the building crew celebrated the final floor of the building, also known as “topping off” West Broadway Commons. I happened to be one of the people following one of the groups up to the top, with my camera. Here are some topping off photos of West Broadway Commons!

Following guidelines for COVID-19 gatherings, there was a hand sanitizing station at the beginning of the tour. People wore masks while physically distancing from each other. Next, we divided into small groups of five, carrying a map (if we wanted one), and each group followed their leader.

The tour began at street level, and we climbed up a few flights to have the chance to walk inside one of the suites and explore the rooms! Shortly after, we continue to scale the stairs until we reach the twelfth floor. From there, we have the chance to see an AMAZING VIEW from the top!

Additional topping off photos from off Broadway return us back to the ground and another perspective of the building. We walk alongside the fence and back to the parking lot, seeing the building from beside and behind the church.

From bottom, to top, and back down…