Renovations Have Begun!

   by Yanna Courtney

More photos added!

As the transition from our church home begins this Sunday, April 28, and we become welcomed guests in the home of another, it will be good to keep up on the metamorphosis that will be happening in and around the All Saints’ while we’re at St. Luke’s.

As things change over the next few months, we will take a photo journey. Photos will be added weekly with additional changes as they happen, so stay tuned!

Here’s an article from the Winnipeg Free Press regarding the renovations here at All Saints.

Scaffolding in the nave
Scaffolding in the nave.
Construction materials in the nave
Construction materials in the nave
Panoramic shot from the back
Large truck and trailer with construction materials on lawn

More photos inside!

Covering the windows and font.
More scaffolding erected .
All the way to the back of the church!

Limestone Rock Taken Down From the Outer Walls of Parish Hall

The rock from the Colony St. side of Parish Hall: fully removed.
Reverend Brent Neumann took down the rock.
Thousands of pounds of rock piled upon pallets inside the hall.
Rock, taken down and hauled in.